How to Wear Jewelry to Work.

Best Jewelry to Wear to Work

Wearing jewelry to work is a great way to complement and enhance your outfit. If you don’t need to wear a uniform, you can experiment with a beautiful mix of accessories that accentuate your personal style. You don’t have to stick to the tips discussed in this article to discover the most suitable jewelry to wear in the office. However, to use this as a guide to pick pieces to pick for each day of the week. Be sure to look into your office’s wardrobe policies before you select your jewelry pieces. Here are some great ideas for what to wear to work.

Statement Necklaces and Pendants

You can never go wrong by adding the right necklace or pendant to your work outfit. The key is to find a piece that isn’t too flashy, but still makes a statement. Overdoing it with a bulky or oversized necklace that doesn’t work with what you’re wearing will detract from a necklace’s purpose. You also want to make sure it’s practical enough for you to work in. Is it light? Is it too long that it gets caught easily in drawers? Does it make loud noises when you walk down the quiet walkway in your office? These are all things to think about when you select a necklace for your work outfit.

Bracelets, Charms and Bangles

A beautiful bracelet or bangle will never grow old. There are some, however, that are just too noisy for the workplace. You want to strike the right balance of something elegant and fun. For example, it’s good to experiment with multiple bracelets at once. However, this can become an issue when you have an arm full of bracelets that jingle, instead of just one thick, stunning piece. Sometimes more is less and in terms of bracelets, these words ring true. Remember, this jewelry piece can still be the traditional gold or silver, but can include a unique pattern or design to express your creative flair.


Earrings are a must when discussing the some of the jewelry that can go well in any work environment. This is because if you choose carefully, earrings can frame and complement your face. They can even bring out your best features, and earrings normally fetch the most complements as they are the one piece of jewelry your work colleges will see first. So how do you choose the right ones? Try not to go with anything too overpowering, but instead something that draws the light to your face. Be sure to stay away from too much bling, which can be a distraction in an office environment.

Jewelry Sets

Creating an overall look with your jewelry is always a pretty picture. When we see accessories that match, whether that’s earrings with a necklace or a ring matching a bracelet, our eyes pop. It completes something visually and makes your pieces stand out even more. Just be careful when choosing the best jewelry to wear to work that you do not select anything too overpowering. Pieces that match can look great with any outfit, just make sure the jewelry doesn’t detract from your clothing.

When it comes to completing your look for work, these ideas are a good guide. If chosen correctly, the right pieces can take your outfit to the next level and fetch you some awesome complements too!

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