10 Beautiful Jewelry Trends to Make You Shine.

10 Beautiful Jewelry Trends 2021. Every stylish woman knows that accessories can take an outfit from boring to exceptional, and the right jewelry can add something eye-catching and unique to any type of clothing. Be fashion-forward with her jewelry choices by trying one or more of these great trends.

Oversized Rings

Accentuate your manicure by sporting a ring with something large as a focal point. This can be a piece with a metal design in the shape of a flower or animal, or it can simply be a big stone. Ideally, the ring should cover more than one finger or climb vertically up the back of your hand.

Astronomy Themed Pieces

The stars and planets have always been associated with mystery and romance. That’s why the sky can inspire such beautiful jewelry. Whether you prefer something the celebrates the moon, the sun, or even a comet, any jewelry that gives a nod to astronomy is on trend.

Chain Earrings

Chains aren’t only for wearing around your neck. Now you’ll find linked chains dangling from fashionable ears. The chains can be chunky or delicate and can be created in any type of metal. They can hang straight down or make a loop.

Ankle Bling

Traditional anklets are very light pieces that add just a bit of sparkle to the top of your foot, but statement anklets are now becoming more and more popular. You’ll now see pieces heavily decorated with crystals and gems that span the circumference of the ankle and draw a lot of attention.

Yellow Gold Necklace Sets

White and rose gold have recently held the spotlight in metals for jewelry, but yellow gold is making its way back into the hearts of jewelry lovers.

The current trend featuring yellow gold is in necklace sets. Wear two or three necklaces of different lengths and styles. Anything goes as long as it’s yellow gold.

Double Earrings

It has become very common to have more than one ear piercing, and designers have used that as inspiration to create earrings meant to use more than one hole. These pieces connect two piercings, and the result is a uniquely modern look.

Beaded Bracelets on Twine

These very pretty but casual bracelets have the essence of something natural and homemade. Beautifully painted beads made from glass or wood are strung through two or three pieces of twine and then tied together with a messy knot.

Stackable Gem Rings

Stackable rings are fun to mix and match in different metals and widths. Now you’ll see stackable rings with embedded gemstones or Cubic Zirconia. Combine rings with family members birthstones for sentimental value.


The beautiful shapes and lines of seashells make them a perfect theme for jewelry. You’ll find seashells in a variety of sizes on every type of jewelry from tiaras to toe rings.

It can be fun to update your wardrobe with a few key pieces of trending jewelry. Use the popular styles that appeal to you to keep your look personalized and in style.

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