Fashion Accessories : How To Wear the Extras

It’s not enough to simply buy a new belt or some snazzy earrings; the true art of accessorizing lies, not only in choosing the items, but in knowing what to put them with, to achieve the most stunning effect.  While it may be rather obvious that you shouldn’t match a pair of attention-grabbing earrings with a bright and busy blouse, what outfit is best accented with some classic drop earrings?  When is it right to match boots with a skirt?  Read on to learn some great accessory tips that are sure to make your wardrobe pop!

Deep rounded necklines, or scoops, are a beautiful accent for a shorter necklace.  Providing a frame for a short, decorative chain, a locket or a pendant, a scooped neckline is a perfect match (as well as being a great way to accent a little cleavage).  Have a favorite long chain and don’t know what to pair it up with?  The best way to wear a long chain is to couple it with a collared shirt.  Wearing your chain on the outside of your shirt creates a fabulous new look and fashion allows you to either wear it long and loose or, if you like a more layered look, you can wrap it around your neck once or twice to add some depth.

Halter tops are a favorite way for many to bare some skin, without feeling as if they’re showing it all.  To create the ultimate look of sexy innocence, veer away from tempting necklaces and leave that chest bare.  Instead, draw attention to your neck and those beautiful bare shoulders with a pair of oversized, statement-making earrings. 

And what looks best with a pair of classic drop earrings?  Keep it simple and sexy; that’s the rule for today!  Countering the boxy plain cut of a turtleneck, a pair of thin drop earrings add an elegant touch.  Shiny metals or sparkly danglers create a chic and glamorous look in a typically conservative top; fall fashion experts claim that navy is the new black and that metallics are the new neutrals.  Have fun and mix it up!

Belts have always been around and changing with the times.  This fall, fashion calls for embossed and embellished leather waist belts, which add a fancy touch to classic denims.  Another interesting look is easily created by pairing a low slung belt with a blousy poet’s top.  Tuck the top into the belt, leaving just a couple inches of fabric peeking down under the belt and create a whimsical, romantic look.

A classic and still-chic method of drawing attention, no only to a simple outfit, but a great figure as well, is to take your classic little black dress and accent it with a long, dangly belt (believe it or not, this also works on a classic jeans and tee shirt look, as well).  Drawing the eyes to a curvy form, this look is sure to please.  But you’re wondering what the hottest new fall feminine look is?  Try cinching a thin belt at the waist of a fitted cardigan.  Soft and stylish, a cardigan will look especially nice with the gleam of a metallic belt, adding a glamorous twist to the ultimate in casual comfort.

Moving on down the body, shoes are not only a necessity, but are a wonderful accessory for any outfit.  Chunky platform shoes remain en vogue, this season, but they tend to be too overwhelming when coupled with anything tight, tapered or short.  Instead, take your platforms and add them to a fluidly-draping long trouser.  If you prefer rolled up jeans or capri-styled pants, these look best with an innocent-appearing and carefree ballet flat.  Avoid wearing socks with these and, if you want to roll up cuffs, try doing just one high roll, as opposed to multiple rolls; they look better and add a sort of clam digger/tomboyish flair.

Prairie skirts are making a comeback and these used to be a sure thing when they were accented with a pair of snazzy cowboy boots.  This fall, however, expect to find prairie skirts worn with wedge heeled shoes and boots of various styles.  Sleek and chic or scrunched-down slouch boots, ankle or calf length, give it a shot.  For more interest and intrigue in your attire, mix it up with a pair of colored or textured tights.

Love stiletto heels, but you’re afraid they’ll look tacky?  Many people love stilettos, you’re not alone.  For many, they are the ultimate, when it comes to sex appeal; but how do you pull off this alluring look, without it being too much?  The answer is simple.  Try matching your round-toed skinny stiletto heels with a form-fitting dress or a knee-length pencil skirt.  Be wary of taking that hemline too short or of coupling them with fishnets; it may be a popular look with the fun girls on the silver screen, but for most, it just looks cheap and tacky.  Want to really dress up your casual look?  Try adding some stilettos with some taper-legged blue jeans; not only is this in fashion right now, but they make the legs look even more slender and longer.  Almost anyone will tell you that’s always a bonus.

When accessorizing, remember to keep it simple, keep it chic and keep it glamorous.  Metallics are the new neutrals this season, so don’t be afraid of adding a little shine to your look.  Also, be sure to have fun mixing and matching; velvet and lace are also back in fashion, but don’t overdo it.  Instead, try mixing them with other textures and experimenting.  These helpful hints are some sure ins, but don’t be afraid to try something new; fashion should be, above all else, fun!

They say navy is the new black; try matching your navy tops with some sparkling silver jewelry.  You won’t be disappointed.

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