What can the necklace do for you?

Do you have necklaces or pendants that you never wear? Perhaps you see beautiful ones in the shops but can’t think when you’d wear them. But necklaces have hidden powers; they can work for you in all sorts of ways. Every woman can benefit from wearing a carefully chosen ornament around the neck, be it a crystal pendant, a Boho style chain, a choker, freshwater pearl or a string of beads or jewels. Here are some of the magical tricks they can do for you:

Enhance your looks

A well-chosen necklace will draw the eye and enhance your appearance. Its curves will show off your neckline while its features complement yours. Its clear-cut line and components will add definition to your face and figure, helping you stand out in a crowd. It offers an extra interest to onlookers and can even serve as a conversation starter.

Show off a personal feature

Taking a portrait view of yourself, consider which is your best natural feature. Is it your hair, eyes, lips or complexion? Whatever you judge it to be, a necklace can highlight it for you. Choose a color that reflects or contrasts with that special feature, and it will provide an instant link for the viewer. If you can’t decide which feature to enhance, choose the eyes. They will catch the ornament’s lights in their liquid depths, producing a hypnotic sparkle.  The shape and texture of a necklace can also work for you. A twisty one will highlight curly hair, for instance, and a glossy one will celebrate its lustrous sheen.

Project your chosen image

Your appearance says a lot about you. You probably choose your clothes with a particular image in mind, and an appropriate neck ornament could carry the effect even further. For a funky look, for instance, pick something offbeat and thought-provoking to sling over your clothes. If you’re dressing for the office, on the other hand, a set of neat, metallic or ceramic balls around the throat will make you look super-professional.

Hide a blemish

A necklace or chain can be very handy for drawing attention away from spots, sags, marks, and scars. Wear your low-cut top with confidence, knowing that observing eyes will be drawn from garment to necklace, and from there to the face, well away from that unwanted mark.

That said, birthmarks and natural blemishes are part of who you are, so don’t hesitate to let them show if you wish. It’s a personal choice.

Brighten a plain garment

A glittery necklace will stand out attractively against a plain top. If you think your clothes may be too quiet for the occasion, just slip a bright necklace over the top. A thin silver chain or simple pendant may be all you need.

Celebrate an occasion

A bright, attractive necklace signals joy and celebration. Choose a sparkly one to inspire a merry atmosphere, and a long one to swing with you. The bigger and bolder its components, the merrier its message. If you feel like shouting “Hooray!” in a public place, let a necklace do it for you.

Necklaces are intrinsically graceful ornaments, so wear yours with confidence and pride. Let it tell the world who you are; a necklace can do that for you.

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