Cubic Zirconia: 10 Reasons to Wear It.

Fake Diamonds, Real Sparkle: 10 Reasons to Wear Cubic Zirconia

Whether you are in the market for your very first pendant, a new set of earrings or a beautiful ring, cubic zirconia stones is a natural choice. These gemstones may be artificial, but their sparkle is entirely real. Here are 10 reasons to wear cubic zirconia at work, at play and everywhere in between.

1. They let you experiment with many different styles, colors and settings. The low price of cubic zirconia jewelry gives you freedom to choose, trying on various styles and choosing the ones that best suit your individual taste.

Difference between diamonds and cubic zirconia

2. Your friends will be envious. You may know your diamond isn’t real, but you do not have to tell anyone. Think how envious your friends will be when they see that huge rock on your finger or those stunning diamond-look earrings.

3. Chase away would-be suitors. An engagement ring, even a fake one, can be a great deterrent for would-be Lotharios. If you want to enjoy a quiet night out without being hit on, just slip that CZ beauty on your finger before leaving home.

4. You can avoid high insurance costs. Your homeowner or renter’s insurance policy may not cover the value of fine jewelry, and adding a rider will drive up your premiums. When you stock your jewelry box with cubic zirconias, you can avoid those high insurance costs.

5. Have fewer worries about theft and loss. Wearing thousands of dollars around your neck or on your ears could be risky in certain neighborhoods, but with cubic zirconia, you do not have to worry as much. Even if those fake diamonds are lost or stolen, you can replace them easily enough.

6. Cubic zirconias are exceptionally scratch resistant. Real diamonds are known for their hardness, but cubic zirconias have the same resilient qualities. That hardness and scratch resistance makes cubic zirconias perfect for everyday wear.

7. Your jewelry goes from the office to the night club with ease. When you wear cubic zirconias at the office, you will get lots of envious looks, all while not having to worry about damaging your jewelry. And when the work day is done, you can head out to the clubs wearing the same stunning jewelry.

8. You can expand your jewelry collection. Unless you are independently wealthy, adding even a single diamond to your collection requires a major outlay of capital. With quality cubic zirconia, you can add new pieces to your jewelry box any time you like, all without breaking the bank.

9. Cubic zirconias have a flawless beauty all their own. Since they are made in a lab, cubic zirconias do not have the same imperfections that natural diamonds do. These stunning stones are flawless by design, so they will sparkle at every angle.

10. CZ is the affordable choice. The low price of CZ just may be the best reason of all. With prices so low, you can finally afford that big rock and wear it with pride.

Buying jewelry is a deeply individual choice, but there are many reasons to choose CZ the next time you go shopping. If you have not looked at these amazing artificial gemstones recently, you may be surprised at how beautiful they are, and now you have 10 more reasons to wear them everyday.

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