Charm Bracelets: Jewelry Full of Memories

Charm bracelets are the most popular among all modern wrist jewelry. The secret is in the variety of pendants that can be changed depending on your mood, hobbies and even the season. Fashionable pendants can reflect emotions, affection, dreams. With their help, you can tell others about yourself and your attitude to the world.

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As far back as prehistoric times, charms have been used for their associations with magic, mystique, spirituality, and love. And it’s these associations that have perhaps led to the popularity of the charm bracelet throughout history, from ancient Egypt to Queen Victoria.

As early as the Stone Age people were making jewelry out of shells and animal bones. This jewelry-making process became more sophisticated during the Bronze Age as did the materials used: lapis lazuli, rock crystal, and other semi-precious stones were used to make charms inscribed with designs believed to have associations with special powers.

The Egyptians used charms to ward off evil spirits as early as 3000 B.C. They were master goldsmiths and were the first to be able to cast gold, using the lost wax technique jewelry manufacturers still use today. It was the Babylonians, however, who are believed to have been the first to wear charms on bracelets from around 700 B.C.

In the mid-1800s Queen Victoria popularized the charm bracelet — and is said to have been buried with hers — by wearing lockets containing small family portraits and a lock of her beloved husband Prince Albert’s hair.

But it wasn’t until after the Second World War when soldiers came home with souvenir charms from the cities they had helped liberate that the charm bracelet reached its height of popularity in the US. Jewelers soon added their own charms to their jewelry lines, and today the charm bracelet is one of the most individual and personalized items of jewelry a woman will own.

A charm bracelet can carry significant meaning for the wearer. The first piece of jewelry a child receives is usually a charm of faith such as a cross, or religious medallion. And charms can not only be worn as an expression of an individual’s religious faith, they can also be worn as symbols of various stages in a person’s life. A charm bracelet can be a collection of pieces symbolizing life events that an individual wishes to express and display, as well as wearing as a reminder of those important times: the key a woman received on her 21st birthday, or the teddy bear she received on the birth of her first child — charms such as these make a charm bracelet more than just a piece of jewelry.

Don’t believe that charm bracelets can only be worn by young people. With a skillful combination of beads and a bases, this jewelry will suit a woman of any age. Perhaps there is only one rule that should be adhered to: the older the woman, the more concise the jewelry should be – two or three pendant charms on the bracelet will be enough.

A charm bracelet can be as unique as the individual wearing it: with thousands of charms to choose from (as well as commissioning your own designs), in a variety of materials, it’s a piece of jewelry that can be tailored to express one’s personality and character, and serve as a life-long reminder of those times one wishes to remember always.

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The main idea of a charm bracelets is that every woman can create her own unique jewelry. Collecting and combining pendants so you can experiment and change the type of jewelry at least several times a day. Try different combinations, don’t be afraid to decide on something unusual!

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