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The only downside of watches, smartwatches, fitness trackers and other wearable devices is the boring design. You can meet a person with an absolutely similar device on your wrist almost every day. In addition, the straps that come with the watch are often uncomfortable. But this problem easy to Solve - you need to change the strap. All models of smart watches differ not only in functionality and appearance, but also in the type of strap attached to the case. It is important to choose a strap or bracelet that matches your watch model. You need to take into account the name of the model and the size of the case. For example, Apple watches from different series are produced in different sizes: not every strap for Apple Watch 4 will fit watches of this series - they should be different for models with 40 mm and 44 mm cases. There are several types of fasteners: magnetic, Velcro, classic. Velcro will be more suitable for sports. This is equipped with nylon straps. They are more convenient in the way that they do not limit the size of the strap at all and will fit any wrist. Magnetic clasps are most commonly used on stainless steel straps. The design of such fasteners is similar to Velcro: the free end of the strap is attached to the bracelet with a magnet. Comfortable and allow you to flexibly adjust the size. Classic clasps are quite comfortable, but they mean that the bracelet has holes that fit your size. The most practical are silicone and rubber straps. They are flexible, lightweight and inexpensive. They are easy to clean from dirt. Even an inexpensive strap made from these materials will serve you a long time. The metal, steel and aluminum straps will appeal to classic lovers. They look strict and unusual. Among the shortcomings - such straps can be quite heavy and are not suitable for active sports: with constant contact with the skin and then they can darken. Straps made of artificial and genuine leather look stylish and expensive. Among the shortcomings - such straps can lose elasticity, stretch. The skin itself can also lose its appearance: wipe it off, become pale or wrinkle. An alternative to leather and metal is ceramics. It is a lightweight and durable material that is not afraid of scratches, does not get dirty and does not lose its appearance even with everyday wear. In terms of weaving, ceramic bracelets resemble steel and aluminum. Such bracelets are unlikely to be combined with massive sports watches and are more suitable for laconic smartwatches of simple shape. For sports, nylon straps are ideal: they wick moisture away, allow air to pass through, and fasten with a convenient.

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