Looking for an Engagement Ring Ask Yourself These Important Questions

Looking for an Engagement Ring questions to ask a jeweler when buying an engagement ring

how to decide what kind of engagement ring you want when it comes to engagement rings the woman’s ring often gets all the attention, and the man’s ring is kind of an afterthought.  This is a big mistake, however, and it is important for the man to put just as much care and consideration into choosing his ring as his partner does.  After all, the ring you choose will be with you for a lifetime, so it is important to choose a style that both you and your bride to be can live with.

It is also important to ask yourself some important questions about rings before you go shopping.  Understanding your lifestyle and how it impacts the choice of ring will make it a lot easier to find the engagement ring of your dreams.

Do You Work with Your Hands?
If you work with your hands, say as a construction worker or a mechanic, it is vital to choose an engagement ring that will be able to stand up to those harsh conditions.  A lifetime of wear will be hard on your engagement ring no matter what you do for a living, but if you are constantly working with your hands the strain will be that much greater.

Anyone who needs extra durability in his engagement ring may want to consider a titanium or tungsten carbide band.  Tungsten carbide is very resistant to scratches, while titanium is both durable and light weight. If you do choose a gold band be sure that the gold is of the highest possible quality.

Can You Wear Your Ring at Work?

Many shops and factories have strict rules that prohibit the wearing of any type of jewelry, including engagement rings.  This is done for safety reasons, since loose jewelry could get cause in a piece of machinery and cause a serious injury.  If you are prohibited from wearing your engagement ring at work you may be able to get away with a metal that is not quite as durable, but it is still important to choose the best quality engagement ring you can afford.  A good price is certainly nice, but when it comes to an engagement ring value is the key.

Will You Wear Your Engagement Ring Every Day?

While many men do in fact wear their engagement rings every day, others may wear them only on the weekends and special occasions. This is particularly true for men who work with their hands, where the wearing of jewelry is often discouraged if not completely prohibited. 

Men who plan to wear their engagement rings only on special occasions will often choose a ring that has a distinctive and unique style.  While that type of eccentric style may not be right for everyday wear, it can be an excellent choice for weekends, holidays and special occasions.

Will You Wear Your Engagement Ring While Playing Sports?

If you are in to rough and tumble sports like rock climbing, surfing or white water rafting, you may want to consider taking your engagement ring off first and storing it in a safe place.  But if you plan to play footfall, baseball or other team sports while wearing your ring it is important to choose a ring that will be both comfortable to wear and durable.  If you are a sports enthusiast you may want to choose a ring that will be scratch resistant, durable and able to withstand rough play. Titanium and tungsten carbide both fit the bill, as do quality gold settings.

Questions to ask when buying jewelry before you go shopping you will be able to get an engagement ring that matches your personality, your taste and your individual style.  Your engagement ring and wedding band are the two most important pieces of jewelry you will ever own, so it is important to consider your choice carefully.

by beconrad

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