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HAOFA Tourbillon watches are luxury timepieces that feature a tourbillon movement, which is a type of mechanical watch movement that helps to increase the accuracy and precision of the watch. The tourbillon movement was invented in the late 18th century and involves a small rotating cage that holds the balance wheel and escapement, which are the parts responsible for regulating the timekeeping of the watch. The tourbillon movement rotates the cage continuously, which helps to reduce the effects of gravity on the balance wheel and escapement, resulting in a more accurate and precise timekeeping mechanism. HAOFA Tourbillon watches are known for their intricate and elegant design, featuring high-quality materials such as gold and diamonds, as well as hand-crafted details and finishes. These watches are highly sought after by collectors and connoisseurs of luxury timepieces, and are often considered works of art in and of themselves. In addition to their striking appearance, HAOFA Tourbillon watches are also known for their high performance and durability, making them a reliable choice for those who demand the best in both style and functionality. HAOFA Established in 1996, we are defined as an old watch brand in China. Over the years, as the OEM of many high-end Swiss brands, we have produced the best Tourbillon watches in China. In producing and polishing technology, we all meet the requirements of top brands. In terms of materials, we use the same or even better materials as top brands, such as carbon fiber case, bezel, titanium-magnesium alloy (aviation-grade material) case, 18K gold, and ceramic bezel. With superb independent watchmaking technology, our real double Tourbillon and Carrousel watches are also of the top technology in the world, we have invented and produced The world's first oval mini women tourbillon movement(60 hours power )in 2022, this technology can beat 99% of the top brands, yet the price is less than 1% of theirs. Therefore, starting from 2021, our own brand has been introduced to the world, since we found that there are many senior watch fans all over the world with professional and experienced eyes, just like you, which can accurately distinguish what is a real exquisite watch, what is just a toy and what is an industrial waste.
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