9 Ideas to Keep in Mind to Help Make Your Wig Look Great

How to Make Your Wig Look Great

The best wigs today can be so convincing that it can be hard to tell them apart from real hair. While manufacturers make many wacky, bizarre styles, if you’re looking for a wig that you can pull off for everyday wear, you want something that looks natural. How do you get a wig to sit perfectly on your scalp and look real? Here are nine ideas you can use.

Make Your Wig Look Great Brazilian Body Wave Human Hair Lace Frontal Wigs

To begin, choose the right style

Before you order a wig, you want to think about a few questions. Do you believe that you will want to take your wig off every night, or will you wear it for days at a time? Do you want your wig to completely cover your hair, or do you want to let some of your natural hair out?

If you would like to let your natural hair out at the front or elsewhere, you’ll need a wig that attaches at the hairline with clips. A wig with a U or V part around the middle could help you let your natural hair show, making it easier for you to hide the edges of the wig. If you want your natural hair to show even a little bit, you’ll want to find a wig that perfectly matches the texture of your natural hair.

If the plan is to completely hide your natural hair, however, you’ll need to get a wig with lace around the hairline to help the wig blend in.

Measure yourself correctly to make your wig look great

Many wigs come built around elastic caps. The elastic stretches to help these wigs cover your scalp. Others cannot be stretched, and need to be measured and ordered to size. If you’re getting a non-elastic wig, it’s important to carefully measure yourself in a number of ways: the circumference of your head, the distance from your hairline to the nape of your neck, ear-to-ear, and temple-to-temple. It’s also important to pay close attention to your hairline. You will need a plan for how your wig will blend in, so order something that goes with the shape of your hairline.

13×4 Lace Front Wig and 13×6 Lace Front Wig
to make your wig look great the hair length should be from the top to bottom as hair is straight status. The wavy and curly wig is processed from straight wig so in same length, curly and wavy wig should be shorter by 2-4 inches than straight wig that depend on how deep the curl is.

Use bleach to color the lace knots

If you’re getting a wig made of natural human hair, you’ll need to prepare it with bleach prior to use. Natural hair wigs have hair sewn through the lace lining and terminate in tiny knots. You’ll need to use bleach on the knots to turn them flesh-colored so that they blend against your scalp. You’ll need to be careful to not mix the bleach to be watery, however. Watery bleach can seep through and lighten the actual hair that makes up the wig. You just want to mix up thick bleach, brush it on the knots, and leave it on for 20 minutes before you wash the bleach away.

With natural hair you can make different styles, can be dyed or bleached and it can be straightened

Pluck up your wig

Many wigmakers overdo it when they weave their wigs around the hairline, making them denser than natural hair is likely to be. To make sure that your wig looks real, it’s important to pluck out hairs near the hairline to reduce the density. To pluck your wig, you need to wear it, face a mirror, and take out excess hair, while being careful not to damage the lace that the hair is set in.

Trim the lace to make your wig look great

Lace-front wigs are created with a generous section of lace close to the hairline. You use the lace to attach the wig to your scalp, where the lace resembles skin. To make the transition appear seamless, however, you’ll need to trim the lace so that it goes with the frame of your face. To trim the lace, first wear the wig, study the hairline in a mirror, take it off, and make adjustments while the wig is on a mannequin. It could take several attempts to get it right. Alternatively, you could take the wig to a salon and have the stylist trim the lace for you while you wear the wig.

Positioning is important

The way you place your wig on your head is one of the most important ways to make it look natural. You could use light hairpiece glue if you plan to take your wig off each night, or use a stronger adhesive if you would like to keep it in place for days at a time. In general, however, glue is only a good idea if you really need your wig to stay completely immobile or if you plan to move vigorously through the day. Using glue, you need to be careful to put it down ahead of your hairline, not directly on the hair. You also need to be prepared to spend some time removing the glue with solvent once you’re done wearing your wig. Bobby pins are a simpler way to keep your wig in place.

Use dry shampoo on the wig

Once you’ve achieved a snug fit with your wig, you’ll need to think about styling it the way you want it. Before you style it, however, you’ll need to make sure that the luster of the wig isn’t excessive. If it seems too shiny, using dry shampoo on it can be an effective way to tone things down.

Use makeup for greater realism

Once your wig is in place, you might need to put in a few final touches for the best possible appearance. A little concealer on the hairline, for example, could help make sure that the lace on the hairline doesn’t appear noticeable. This step can be especially important if you’re pulling your hair back, making your hairline prominent.

Wearing a wig can magically make you appear years younger, but you need to put in a little work to make sure that everything works as expected. With these tips in mind, you should be prepared to make sure that your wig looks as natural as possible.

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